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At Manwill Plumbing and Heating, we help you through every step of the installation process. From selecting the right brand, efficiency and properly sized equipment.  We will assist you in selecting the best options for you and your home.  We can also recommend the best thermostat for you and your lifestyle.

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What to look for

There are three important factors to consider when selecting a new furnace: size, efficiency, and stage. With today’s latest products you can have the absolute best in home comfort with the help of our furnace expertise and services.

Furnace Size

The larger your space is, the larger your furnace needs to be. Manwill’s sales consultants and service personnel are trained to calculate the proper size furnace for any home size and environment. Under-sizing or oversizing your furnace comes with loads of disadvantages from the inability to keep your home warm to high heating bills. Fortunately, working with us you will find an appropriately sized furnace that will save you money on gas, plus assure you of the personal comfort you expect.


Be sure to consider the furnace’s efficiency. The best way to describe fuel efficiency is: if you purchase $100.00 worth of gas, with an 80% efficient furnace you will receive $80.00 of the heat generated by the gas into your home, and you would lose the remaining $20.00 up the flue or chimney. However, with a 95% efficient furnace, you would get $95.00 of heat into your home and only lose $5.00 of heat out the flue. Many older heaters (built before 1990) have even lower efficiency. Today’s furnaces burn 30% less gas and still provide the same amount of heat to your home – keeping you warm and comfortable while preserving the environment and your pocketbook.

One-stage Vs. Two-Stage

The traditional single stage or one stage furnace heats your home at 100% of the BTU rating regardless of the outdoor temperature.  Every time the thermostat calls for heat the furnace comes on at a fixed capacity to satisfy the demand of the thermostat.  One stage furnaces are designed to heat your home at the coldest time of the year.

A two-stage furnace has 2- fixed levels of heating. The first stage (around 60% of its capacity)  is for milder temperatures.  The second stage (100% of its capacity) for those times when our outdoor temperature gets to the coldest time of year.

Two-stage furnaces are available in both 80% and up to 96% efficient furnaces.

Modulating Furnace

A modulating furnace will vary the amount of gas burned or heat produced depending on the outdoor temperature and thermostat setting.  Unlike a two-stage furnace that has only two burner settings (high and low), a modulating furnace can vary the amount of gas going into the furnace from a meager amount of heat (around 35%) to the full (100%) BTU rating of the furnace, and everything in between. Just like a gas pedal in a car, it can vary the amount of power or heat that is needed. Available in both 80% and up to 98% efficient furnaces. This results in the very best in comfort for you and your home.

Variable Speed

When a furnace is termed “variable speed” it refers to the blower motor. You’ll find both the 2 stage furnaces and modulating furnaces will have this option. Variable speed furnace motors utilize a DC (direct current) voltage motor versus an AC (alternating current) voltage motor. DC motors are much more economical to operate and also quieter. A typical DC motor can run 24 hours a day, 30 days a month for less than $10.00. This is very beneficial to those in need of constant air circulation. A variable speed motor will generally increase your air conditioning SEER (efficiency) rating by one full point!

A constant blower will help mix the cooler air from one room with the warmer air from another room, creating more even temperatures throughout the house. The continuous blower can work in conjunction with a humidifier or electronic air filter to always be cleaning the air and maintain a constant moisture level in the house.

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From on-site diagnostics to pairing you with the right unit, we’re here for you. Home systems are a significant investment, and we want to help you make the right decision. Whether you are upgrading your existing system or are looking for the first time, let our experts help.

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