Whole House Humidifiers

Our high elevation, desert climate and cold winters dry out the air. The resulting dry air absorbs moisture from your skin and everything inside your home. Making you feel dry and itchy.

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Why get a humidifier?

A humidifier has many benefits. It reduces static electricity, keeps wood furniture and flooring from excessive shrinking and swelling, plus the moist air makes your home feel warmer. It can make your sinuses and throat feel better and make your skin feel softer.

How Does a Humidifier Work?

An automatic humidifier will connect directly onto the furnace ductwork in your utility room. A water line will be connected to the existing water lines in your house and supplies water to an automatic valve in the humidifier. When your humidistat sends the signal for additional moisture in the air and the furnace blower turns on, the water valve opens up and allows fresh water to flow through the humidifier. Air will travel through the humidifier evaporating moisture and allowing clean moist air to flow throughout your entire home. Most humidifiers have a drain to allow excess water to flow through the humidifier helping to flush out excessive mineral deposits. Thus keeping the humidifier operating efficiently and keeping maintenance very low.

By-Pass Humidifier

A by-pass humidifier can mount on either your supply or return air duct. A percentage of warm air from the supply duct is diverted through the humidifier where the air passes through a water panel picking up moisture. The moist warm air is then put into the return air duct and is then distributed throughout your home.

Power Humidifier

A Power Humidifier can mount either on your supply or return duct. It contains its own blower and fan to create the air circulation within the humidifier which allows warm air to enter the humidifier, humidify the air, and then re-enter the warm air duct. Unlike a by-pass where warm air is humidified and put into the cold air duct.

Honeywell Tru-Steam Humidifier

Honeywell now makes a True Steam style humidifier. When your home needs moisture, water enters the humidifier where it is heated above the boiling point. When your furnace blower is operating, the steam is shot directly into the duct work where it can be distributed throughout the house. The Honeywell Tru-Steam control system will also allow the furnace blower and the humidifier to turn on to satisfy your homes humidity without adding heat or air conditioning. This allows you to precisely control the humidity level in your home.

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