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Spring Time, Winter Time . . . . We just can’t decide


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If you’ve lived in Utah for any amount of time you know the saying  “If you don’t like the weather in Utah, just wait a few minutes , and that’s a true statement! 30 degrees one day, 68 degrees another. Or 30 degrees in the morning and 70 degrees in the afternoon, cold then hot. Being a weather man in Utah can be a dangerous business. All kidding aside, our weather this time of year is crazy. We turn the furnace on in the morning and the air conditioner down in the afternoon, constantly having to mess around with the thermostat! No control……well that has changed. Technology and the digital world has come so far in the last few years even in the heating and air conditioning industry.


What’s new for you?

The New Generation Thermostat:
1.       Auto changeover: One that can turn the furnace on in the morning and the A/C in the afternoon without making separate trips to your thermostat.
2.       The wireless thermostat: Can be moved from room to room or placed back in its base mounted on the wall.
3.       The Wifi enabled thermostat: “with an app for your smart phone” can be accessed from almost anywhere, my personal favorite!

And of course here at Manwill Plbg & Htg we have them all. We carry the best thermostats for the best comfort, and what would the best thermostats be without the best Furnaces and airconditioners?

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