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Salt Lake City Furnace Repair & Service

Our furnace services in Salt Lake City & throughout Utah include:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Tune-ups
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • & More

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Don’t get caught in Utah’s rapidly changing seasons without a way to heat your home properly. Keep your furnace running smoothly with a furnace maintenance service from Manwill. Our services help keep your furnace running no matter the weather. Our professional team offers a range of services, including furnace replacement, repair, maintenance, and more.

The professionals at Manwill can provide furnace service at your home and help you determine the best course of action for your needs. Then they can walk you through all of your options. Do you need a furnace replacement for your Salt Lake City home? Perhaps you simply need heating repairs? No matter your needs, Manwill has you covered. 

Utah Furnace Repair in Salt Lake City | Manwill Heating Maintenance

Heating Services We Provide

Manwill knows the importance of keeping your home and family warm and safe. That’s why we offer various services to guarantee your furnace runs all winter.

AC technician repairs furnace with wrench

Furnace Repair in Salt Lake City

Manwill offers furnace repair across the Salt Lake Valley. Call us for a furnace tune-up or set up a regularly scheduled furnace maintenance plan. Our furnace repair options are flexible. Regularly maintaining and tuning up your furnace helps keep it running smoothly and efficiently. When your furnace runs efficiently, you save on energy costs. That’s how Manwill furnace maintenance can keep you warm while saving you money.

Tune up your furnace at least once every fall and listen for signs that your furnace may need service. If your furnace bangs or pops when it kicks on, you could be due for furnace maintenance or a full-on furnace repair. If your furnace is talking, Manwill has the answer.

furnaces on grass before technicians replace furnace in SLC

Heating Replacement & Installation

Along with fixing existing furnaces, Manwill also offers furnace replacement and new furnace installation. When your furnace gets old and outdated, it will become less efficient and eventually stop working. If your furnace is on the fritz, sometimes the only option is to get a new one.

Manwill is your source for furnace installation or replacement. Our expert technicians know all the current regulations and industry standards. They can come to you and assess your home’s heating needs and recommend the right furnace for you. The furnace installation techs can replace your old furnace with a new, more energy-efficient model. The furnace replacement process is quick and won’t disrupt your daily life for very long. Afterward, you’ll have reliable and efficient heating in your home.

Manwill furnace repair man walks up driveway next to service vehicle

24/7 Furnace Services

The unexpected can happen anytime. With sub-freezing Utah nights, a faulty furnace can be dangerous. That’s why Manwill has technicians standing by 24 hours a day to handle any emergency furnace repairs and maintenance.

Manwill offers a variety of emergency furnace services. Our technicians have experience fixing all kinds of furnace issues. They can identify and address electrical issues, problems with the pilot light or ignition, thermostat issues, blower and fan problems, short cycling, and more.

When the heat goes out, anytime, day or night, call Manwill. Our technicians will be there to get your furnace working quickly. We won’t leave you out in the cold.

Pilot light in furnace | Furnace maintenance in Utah

Other Heating Services

Some furnace repairs require addressing or replacing specific parts of your furnace or heating system. Some of the parts Manwill heating technicians commonly repair or replace include ignitors, blower motors, filter systems, and heat pumps. They also include other features that contribute to your home’s temperature and air quality, like humidifiers or gas fireplaces.

The technicians at Manwill know more than just furnaces. We are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts. We can repair or replace any equipment that affects the air in your home.


See What our Clients Are Saying

Read what some of our clients say about their experience working with the Utah furnace repair and installation experts at Manwill.

Fantastic Job Cleaning and Servicing Our FurnaceKatie H. - Utah

After having furnace trouble for over a year and having three different local companies not be helpful, Manwill got us right in right after I called. They quickly responded and very efficiently worked to help solve a furnace gas leak, and furnace problem. The technician David did a fantastic job of showing me the problems, and fixing them, as well as going above and beyond and cleaning and servicing our furnace on top of fixing our initial problems we called for...

Fair Price and Professional Service for Heating SystemDan N. - Utah

I was looking to replace my heating system when I stopped in. Brian was very knowledgeable and helped me get what I needed. Fair prices and professional service what else can you ask for!!!!!!!

Fixed my AC & Heater FastRJ H. - Utah

The Best! Super nice & knowledgeable. Fixed my AC & Heater fast. Thanks Manwill

Excellent HVAC InstallationCarol S. - Utah

We had a furnace and air conditioner put in by Manwill and they did and excellent, fast and friendly job.

Utah Heating FAQs

What do I do if I can’t see the pilot light in my furnace?

If you don’t see a pilot light, you most likely have a hot surface ignitor or electronic spark ignition. Furnace manufacturers eliminated standing pilots to improve safety and efficiency years ago. Most modern furnaces use electronic ignition instead of pilot lights. 

If you’re struggling to get the electronic ignition working correctly or need further assistance starting up your furnace, contact Manwill. Our licensed furnace technicians can quickly get your furnace working correctly.

Why is my furnace leaking water?

Water leaking out of your furnace is usually condensation backing up because of a drainage issue.

If you notice your furnace leaking any liquid, you likely have an issue that an HVAC technician should address. You should schedule an appointment with a Manwill expert as soon as possible.

High-efficient furnaces, also known as 90+ efficiency furnaces, create condensation during system operation. This condensation can pull an extra 10-18% heat out of the gas during the secondary heat exchange process. 

These 90+ efficient furnaces are also engineered with a drainage system that drains the condensation to an appropriate drain or pump. The water around the furnace or floor typically shows a backed-up drain or a bad secondary heat exchanger. If you notice any of these issues, you should make an inspection appointment with one of our HVAC technicians.

Does a gas furnace work without electricity?

No. All forced-air furnaces, even those burning natural gas, need electricity. In modern gas furnaces, while the primary fuel burned to generate the heat is gas, the blowing and ignition systems are usually still powered by electricity. Generally, this gas/electric combination works safely and efficiently. However, it could be problematic if you are in an area with little to no access to electricity. 

If you are looking for a furnace option that doesn’t require electricity, there are several Natural and Propane Gas Fireplaces that operate without electricity. These can be a good source of supplemental heat if you don’t have electrical capabilities. However, furnaces that use electricity offer the most optimal heating features.

How much does it cost to replace a furnace?

While it would be nice to have a quick number to reference, heating and air conditioning prices are just too complex. Many factors affect a home’s heating needs and, therefore, its heating costs. Understanding those factors and selecting the right furnace for the job can go a long way in keeping your heating costs lower overall.

A lot goes into choosing the right furnace, including the price. The cost of replacement furnaces ranges depending on the size and type of furnace you are considering. You should work with an experienced estimator if you want to select the right furnace for your home. These estimators will assess a variety of factors.

The size of your home will be a significant factor in determining how much a new furnace might cost. Heating large spaces requires a furnace with more capacity, efficiency, or both. Other factors include when your home was built, the amount of insulation, windows, walls, and doors. 

Working with an expert, you will find the option that best fits your budget and needs. 

Our team also recommends a heat load calculation to ensure you get the best furnace option. A good company should also provide different brands and furnace types with price quotes for each option. They may even have newer models that offer more energy efficiency. These energy-efficient furnaces can save you money over the long run by reducing your monthly heating costs.

If you still have questions, read more about how much a new furnace costs.

How long does a furnace tune-up take?

An average furnace tune-up will take about an hour from start to finish. What happens during that hour?

Manwill thoroughly inspects each part of your furnace during every tune-up or maintenance appointment. Our technicians cover a checklist of services that include routine maintenance, a tune-up, and any recommendations, including possible furnace replacement options if needed.

The checklist ensures that everything is done properly and that nothing gets missed.

How long does a furnace last?

Most furnaces in Utah have an average life expectancy of approximately 16-18 years. For your furnace to last its full term, it must receive regular maintenance. A poorly maintained furnace will most likely last less time, while a well-maintained furnace may last up to 20 years.

Get the most out of your furnace by signing up for an HVAC maintenance service plan from Manwill. Our technicians can service your furnace and keep it tuned up and running efficiently. With regular maintenance, you can reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs while also extending the life of your furnace. It’s a win-win.

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