Going Green with a Hybrid Heat Pump System

Heat Pumps

When shopping for a new heating and air conditioning system, consider the Hybrid heating and cooling system, also termed ‘Dual Fuel.’ A Hybrid system consists of a highly efficient (98%) natural gas furnace combined with a highly efficient heat pump.

Lennox XP17, XP21 and XP25 Heat Pumps are equipped to accept the optional Solar Assist Package. You can add from one up to 15 solar panels. These panels not only assist the system to reduce your heating and cooling costs, it can also send excess power back to the grid system saving you even more money on your operating costs.

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Frequently asked questions

Why does the heat pump shut off at 40 degrees?

We calculate a balance point which is the point at which your home is loosing more heat than what the Heat Pump can produce . At that point, to keep your home warm, the system shuts off the Heat Pump and resorts to the High efficient gas furnace. 40 degrees is an average temperature when the heat pump shuts off, your home may be slightly higher or lower.

How does the heat pump remove heat when it’s so cold outside?

There is always heat in our atmosphere. Just think, if it’s 50 degrees outside, there must be heat in the air or it would be colder. If it’s 20 degrees, without heat, it could be 0 degrees. And if it’s 0 degrees, it could be even colder. So as you can see, there is always heat.

Is a heat pump more efficient than a gas furnace?

A high efficient Heat Pump with a SEER rating of 19 or higher will produce more heat per dollar than a highly efficient gas furnace (at current utility rates). The warmer the outside temperature, the more efficient the heat pump becomes. On the flip side, the colder the outdoor temperature, the less efficient it becomes. This is one of two reasons why the system will revert back to the gas furnace. One, to produce enough heat, Second, to utilize the most efficient source of heat depending on the outdoor temperature.

Can I use the heat pump as an air conditioner?

Can I use the heat pump as an air conditioner?

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