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5 Plumbing Tasks to Do in September for Stress-Free Autumn

By August 23, 2017March 13th, 2023Plumbing Maintenance & Repair Tips

Fall is a terrible time to have leaky pipes because Salt Lake City’s rainy weather can stress your plumbing system. It’s also the best time to clean drains because children are in school, and most homeowners have fewer household activities on their agenda. That means if you are looking to drain maintenance, plan it at the beginning of autumn.

Undertake these five maintenance tasks in September to reduce the risk of serious plumbing issues that may appear this fall and winter. You can consult a plumber if any of the tasks seem complicated enough to warrant professional assistance.

Keep Pipes Clean with a Drain Strainer

Nine out of 10 instances of clogging are caused by hair and other items slipping down the drain, obstructing the flow of water and damaging the pipes. A drain strainer can keep foreign items from slipping into pipes. It is a basket-shaped insert with a sieve’s surface. That simple tool can prevent costly plumbing repairs during autumn and prolong the working life of your pipes.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Cleaning in September reduces the chances of downspouts and gutters getting clogged during autumn or winter when low temperatures make it simply uncomfortable to climb a ladder and do the clean work.

Leak Checks

Autumn is a terrible time to have a malfunctioning plumbing on your hands. Leaks are particularly dreadful. A flood in your dining room during summer is bad, but it’s worse during autumns and winters. It’s essential to check out for leaks before the autumn’s beginning. You can do it yourself—if you have the tools, time, and skill—or hire a plumber for the job.

Perimeter Drain Inspection

Blocked perimeter drains can flood your basement and if left untreated, damage the foundation. Their blocking is a serious issue. Consult a plumber in September to inspect perimeter drains, and you will have the peace of mind that your home’s foundation is safe from leaks.

Backwater Valve to Protect Sewers

Recent rains in Harvey, TX, are a demonstration that floods can occur almost everywhere in the United States. Sewer issues can occur when the streets are inundated, and storm drains overwhelmed. A way to prevent the issues this autumn is to install backwater valves. That’s easy with plastic pipes but a little difficult with the iron ones.

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