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Farmers Market

By June 19, 2013May 7th, 2019Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips

One of my mine and my wife’s favorite summer activities is to visit the local farmers market. My wife being a natural food enthusiast enjoys talking with the local growers and learning more about their products. What I go there for is to by my favorite lamb chops from a local rancher. He sells out early so I always make my way to his booth first.

But just like going Costco we always spend much more than we planned. It’s hard to resist the cool things that people sell. It’s called a “Farmers Market” but it also includes many local artists that display and sell their work. For example, one artist sells yard art made from scrap metal, another booth there might be a glass blower and somewhere else someone’s selling worm castings for fertilizer. You never know what you run across, not to mention the people watching which is fascinating as always.
So while the summer temperature may be a bit warm and your days are filled with all the summer activities you’re trying to squeeze in, make time to spend a couple hours some cool Saturday morning at your local Farmers Market. It’s relaxing and you never know who you might run across. Just might be me and my wife.
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