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Chilly Evenings, Toasty Toes

By October 10, 2013December 16th, 2020Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips

Old Man Winter settles in and the Holiday Season approaches there’s nothing better than sitting around a warm fireplace, telling stories and enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate.
The sound of a crackling fire, the smell of smoke, embers popping through the screen onto the carpet, carrying out ashes, chopping wood, hauling in wood, oh yeah! Lots of work, right?
Natural Gas fireplace insert and take the hassle out of your fireplace. No, you won’t smell smoke or hear the fire crackle, but the beauty and convenience of a gas fireplace is unsurpassed. Just flip on a switch or use the remote control and the flame turns on, the fireplace warms up and a blower gently pushes warm air into the room. The glowing embers give the gas logs a very realistic appearance and the yellow flame is so relaxing to watch. When it’s time to go to bed, flip the switch off and walk away. No more waiting for the fire to die down or worrying about sparks or flying embers.
Also, when the power goes out you can still turn on your fireplace for backup heat.
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