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Do You Have Enough Blankets?

By October 15, 2014 May 7th, 2019 Heating and Furnace Tips

Blankets, You Ask?

Cold winter evenings are on their way and if your furnace breaks down what a better way to keep warm than a nice stack of blankets. But whose furnace breaks down?

To lessen the chances of your furnace breaking down the best thing to do is have a Professional technician perform a seasonal service to your furnace.   .  . before it gets cold.

What a Technician Does When Servicing a Furnace:

  • Change or check your filter. Sounds easy but many failures are due to poor air flow caused by a dirty filter,
  • Clean the burner department and burners themselves. Clean burners means cleaner burning fuel and a more efficient furnace
  • Clean the flame sensor. A dirty flame sensor can make    the furnace shutoff for no apparent reason.
  • Vacuum out the blower area. Dust and lint in the blower can reduce airflow or overheat the motor.
  • Check the overheat safety switches.
  • Adjust the gas pressure to assure a complete combustion of the gases
  • Check the carbon monoxide levels in the flue gases to make the furnace is burning efficiently
  • Check Carbon Monoxide levels in the ductwork to make sure CO is not getting into the home.
  • Visually inspect the heat exchanger with a remote wand inspection camera.
  • By servicing your furnace there’s less likelihood of failure during the coming cold season.

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