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My friend Bob

My Friend Bob

My mother has a friend, his name is Bob. Bob is also my friend and a good friend of our family’s. You may have seen him, he’s in a couple of our television commercials.
Bob is 80 years old or so and very healthy for someone his age. As I write this he is on a 6 day backpack trip through the Grand Canyon. Him and my mother exercise together on a regular basis. Normally walking 2.5 miles four days a week, and during the winter they go to a gym and lift weights for 20 minutes then walk around the track to get in their cardio work.
I mention this because Bob not only takes good care of himself but he also maintains everything around his house extremely well. For example, on a recent visit I notice his lawnmower. He had just finished sharpening the blade and was bolting it back in place. The lawnmower looked maybe a couple years old yet in very good condition, but as I looked closer, it appeared to be the same lawn mower my parents owned when I was a teenager! And closer examination, I think it was! I kidded Bob about the antique mower but as I was joshing with him he pulled the rope and “vroooom” the mower started right up. Pretty darn good for an old mower.
Bob also knows the importance of maintaining his plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment. He has one our service technicians come out every year and service his equipment. He knows well maintained equipment will also last much longer and run safer.
So as summer is soon upon us and the weather forecast is for hot weather, now’s the time to have your air conditioner checked. Call us at Manwill Plumbing and Heating and have us check your air conditioner. One item we check is the refrigerant level. Low refrigerant accounts for most compressor failures, and expensive repair. Low refrigerant can also increase your operating costs by double.
Call today, don’t delay. Manwill Plbg & Htg Inc801-262-4671  and keep your home cool and comfortable the season to come.