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Setting Goals for the New Year

By January 4, 2014August 28th, 2023Manwill Plumbing, Heating, and AC News

Setting goals for the new year:
I’ve started setting goals for myself about 8 years ago rather than the traditional “New years resolutions”.  I started writing my goals down the first couple of years and putting them in an envelope.  At the end of the year I would open the envelop to reflect on the past year and to see if I accomplished my goals.  There were goals I met and ones I didn’t quite meet.  After a couple of years I started carrying them around with me in my wallet.  It was a good place because every time I opened my wallet it was a reminder of what my goals that year would be. Every couple of months I would pull my list out and review where I was and if I was getting the things done I wanted to accomplish.
A couple years ago I started asking my daughters what it was that they wanted to accomplish for the upcoming year.  I is always fun to see what they come up with.  Some of their goals were silly, some were basic, and some were pretty far out there!  The other day my daughter showed me her list and wanted me to know this year she was going to achieve all her goals.  She is 11 years old and very determined.  I think she will get them all done!
I think that everyone should do something similar.  The first 3 are going to be personal goals, usually lose or maintain weight, financial goal like increasing your salary, or to plan something like a family vacation.  Set a couple extra  goals that might be simple but set one that is intended to be a little bit of a stretch.  I believe setting goals gives you direction in a world  that we can all be easily distracted in.

Here is a goal if you own a home. #1 upgrade to a high efficient furnace and air conditioner in 2014.

Good luck to everyone in 2014 and hope to see you accomplish your goals!

Brian Jackson
Manwill Plumbing and Heating