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Time to Tune Up that Golf Game

By March 26, 2013August 3rd, 2023Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips


Take a break and go golfing.

The heating and air conditioning business is a very seasonable business. Because of that we have some downtime between the winter heating rush and the summer hot season. Many customers take advantage of our slow times and have their furnace or air conditioners replaced. Slow times mean lower prices! But in between those jobs we clean our trucks, clean the shop, do more training, but the thing we do get time to do is work on our golf game.

So what’s your favorite course? Here’s some of mine.

Murray Parkway is one of the first to be snow free. Easy to get on and the open fairways make it good place to start the season.

Bonneville is one of my all time favorites. Longer but the greens are a bit larger. Nice mature trees create an additional hazard.

When the snow melts and the weather warms up, my favorite is Wasatch State Park in Midway. Sometimes tough to get  a tee time but well worth the effort. Mountain setting for both the 18 hole Lakes Course and the tougher 18 hole Mountain course. Keep an eye out for deer, moose, and turkeys. Lots of wild turkeys in the area.

We’re lucky to live in a state with so many excellent golf courses. So before the summer heat hits, take time to tune up your golf game, and don’t forget to tune up that air conditioner! It may prevent you from coming home to a hot house.

      Til next time,
              Have a nice day
                     Jim Manwill