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AIR CONDITIONING Service and Maintenance

Properly maintained equipment can greatly extend the life of your furnace and air conditioner and give you greater reliability. Proper A/C tune-ups and maintenance will also keep operating costs lower.

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Air conditioning tune-up and maintenance service being performed in Utah

Planned Service Agreements

Our HVAC contractors will work with you to design air conditioner tune-ups and maintenance plans to suit your needs.

If you just have a furnace, we can make just one visit per year. If you have a furnace and air conditioner, some customers prefer us to make 2 visits (spring and fall) and others prefer 3 visits (spring, fall, and mid-winter). Commercial accounts are recommended to have 4 visits per year.

We make it easy. We contact you to set an appointment. And since we have record of your equipment, we can bring the proper filter or any other necessary parts!

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Discount on repairs. Although a maintenance program will extend the life and reliability of your equipment, it is not a guarantee against failure. If your equipment does fail, maintenance contract customers receive priority service and a discount on the repair!

  • Change Filter
  • Oil Condenser Motor
  • Oil Furnace Motor
  • Check Refrigerant Level
  • Check Motor Amps
  • Check Temperature Drop
  • Clean Condenser Coil
  • Complete Checklist
  • Plus More
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