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How to Keep Your Electric Bill Low and Conserve Energy This Summer

By August 13, 2021August 28th, 2023Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Tips

Air conditioner maintenance salt lake city utah

Every summer, homeowners shut their windows, crank up the AC, and try their best to beat the heat. But this summer, Utahans are facing an unprecedented heatwave and state-wide drought. As residents continue lowering their thermostats to withstand the constant 100-degree weather, their utility bills will quickly follow suit. 

According to Energy Star, the average household racks up a $2,060 energy bill for the year, with the highest costs in the summer and winter. Finding the most efficient approach to ventilate your home will save you money and reduce your energy consumption. 

If you want to cool your home without putting a massive strain on your wallet, you might be in luck. A few simple methods and suggestions you can follow to help you save money on your energy bill while also doing your part to save the environment.

Here is what you should know.

When to Use Your Air Conditioner

Running your air conditioner at a low temperature all day long can make your energy bill skyrocket, but suffering in the heat isn’t the best idea, either. Knowing when to use your HVAC or air conditioning system can help you cool your home at the warmest times of day and save money during the coolest.

We recommend setting your air conditioner thermostat at a higher temperature at night, then lowering it at peak times during the day. The Utah Public Service Commission advises setting your thermostat back by as much as eight degrees at night. You might also consider raising your thermostat 8 to 10 degrees to save you more on your energy bill each year.

When you are at home, the US Department of Energy suggests aiming for a temperature of 78 degrees. If keeping your home at 78 degrees is too uncomfortable for you, don’t stress about it. Try to make a slight adjustment. Even a minor difference can save you money over time. 

Another tip to save on your air conditioning bill is to set your AC to run at higher temperatures while you are away from home or at work. Then when you arrive home, return your thermostat to a lower temperature to cool things down.

Check Your Air Filters Regularly

When was the last time you changed your air filters? Many Utah homeowners forget to regularly check their air filters to ensure their HVAC system can push cold air into the home without any restrictions or interference. 

Clogged or dirty air filters will prevent normal airflow and greatly diminish your system’s efficiency. Changing your air filters regularly will increase circulation, improve air quality, and can save you money on your monthly energy bill.

Dirt and debris in the unit might block airflow and cause the evaporator to malfunction or freeze up. Replacing a filthy, clogged filter with a clean one can reduce the energy usage of your air conditioner by 5% to 15%. 

If your air conditioning system has dirt and debris limiting airflow, you could be spending more money trying to cool down your home to a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, Utah summers often include warm windstorms that push dirt and debris into our outdoor AC units and blocking airflow.

Take back the efficiency of your AC system by changing your air filter regularly. You can either switch out your air filters on your own or work with one of Manwill’s HVAC technicians. Our team also offers vent and ductwork cleanings to improve the airflow throughout your home.

We will clean the filters, coils, ductwork, and vents of your air conditioning unit to help it perform properly during this process. Simply put, an efficient air conditioner is a unit that you keep clean.

Both HVAC maintenance services are great options for homeowners looking to decrease their energy bills. While most air conditioners only need a duct cleaning service every three to five years, it can have a big impact in the right situation.  

Learn more about how to improve the airflow in your home by contacting a Manwill Plumbing and Heating technician today.

Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced in Salt Lake City

When the temperature outside rises, you will need to use your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. If your AC unit isn’t operating properly, everyone suffers, including you and your wallet.

Regular maintenance and repair services can help you avoid these issues, especially during hot summer weather. Our HVAC specialists recommend servicing your air conditioner regularly to ensure that it lives up to its maximum potential.

Although you may not realize it, air leaking could be making your air conditioning system less efficient, more difficult to cool the places you need most, and more expensive to operate.

When air from the outside enters and the cool air you conditioned departs your home through gaps and openings, you are throwing money away due to air leakage. Reduce the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home by having your air conditioner system checked by a Utah HVAC technician at Manwill.

Our air conditioner services include cost-effective strategies that help our customers lower their cooling costs while also increasing the efficiency of their AC systems.

A few of the most basic and effective air-sealing treatments we use in Utah homes include caulking and weather-stripping. Each of these services helps seal the gaps and openings where cool air could leak out of your home.

Caulk helps seal gaps and openings between stationary and foundational house components, such as around door and window frames. Weather-stripping helps seal cracks and openings between stationary and foundational house components, such as around door and window frames.

Working with Manwill’s experts in A/C installation for Salt Lake City, we can quickly diagnose and repair your air conditioning system so that you can make it through this summer without spending hundreds to cool your home.

You can rely on our reputable technicians, whether you need an emergency air conditioning repair or want to check your ductwork to ensure that the cool air is staying in your home. No matter what you need, we can help you decide whether you should repair your air conditioner, replace it, or get it serviced regularly.

Whatever professional cooling service you require, our air conditioner repair, maintenance, and replacement experts will do everything necessary to have your AC unit running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Switch to ENERGY STAR Appliances 

The ENERGY STAR is an award granted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to products that fulfill the government’s strict energy-efficiency requirements and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A home air conditioner that has ENERGY STAR certification uses around 15% less energy than non-qualified ones. Over the unit’s lifespan, that 15% may save you roughly $85 in savings.

Upgrading to HVAC energy-efficient devices and materials can dramatically reduce your energy bills. We typically advise our energy-conscience customers to switch to a smart thermostat to help manage the temperature of their homes. These devices will help cool things down before coming home and saving you money while you are away.

Although these aren’t necessary to have a cool and comfortable lifestyle, they are simple hacks that can be worthwhile to install in your own home.

For more information about ENERGY STAR appliances, visit

How to Program Your Thermostat to Save Energy

Some programmable thermostats or devices have remote access that you can direct to decrease the temperature so that it is cool when you arrive home. These tools are a great way to save energy. 

It allows you to schedule when you want to pump more cool air into your home during the day or raise the temperature at night and when you are away. Based on your settings, these devices will alter your home’s temperature properly during such times and eliminate the inconvenience of frequently regulating your thermostat or returning home to a hothouse.

The Nest thermostat is a fantastic example of a good programmable thermostat. It retails for $250, but the manufacturer claims that it can save you 20% on your electricity expenses, making it well worth the cost.

Use Ceiling Fans to Keep Electric Bill Low

When talking about lowering your electricity bill, most people focus on air conditioners, but did you realize the power of installing a ceiling fan? 

Ceiling fans only consume around 1/60th of the energy an air conditioner does while chilling your room by about four extra degrees. In total, installing a ceiling fan can reduce the demand for your HVAC system and save up to 40% on electricity.

Although a ceiling fan does not produce cold air, it can work in conjunction with an air conditioner system to better distribute the cool air throughout the room. This improved circulation and reduced room temperature will allow you to reduce the temperature on your thermostat and save you money long-term.

If the weather permits, you can even go without an air conditioner for a while, solely relying on your ceiling fans.

Since Utah is experiencing an unusually hot summer, our team highly recommends installing fans throughout your home. We are noticing that many AC units are struggling to cool down homes because of the heat. Installing a ceiling fan will help your current system do its job by alleviating some of the strain and providing better comfort.

Learn more about how to cool your home more efficiently by contacting our team. Together, we can determine which service or equipment would make your living space more comfortable this summer.

Other Tips to Keep Your Home Cool and Energy Bill Low

  • Unplug unused devices
  • Shade your home by planting tall plants along the exterior walls
  • Lower your water heating costs by hang drying your clothes or taking cool showers
  • Schedule energy use to “off-peak” hours during the early morning or late at night to reduce your monthly energy bill
  • Close the doors and air conditioning vents in those rooms you don’t frequently use
  • Keep your blinds drawn, and windows closed during the day
  • Turn off your AC and open your windows on cold nights

Call Top HVAC Companies in Utah for AC Service & Repair

Don’t let your energy bill skyrocket this summer because of a broken air conditioning unit. If you follow these steps, you will most likely reduce your monthly costs and live in a comfortable, cool home.

As one of the top HVAC companies in Utah, Manwill Plumbing and Heating understands that air conditioning is essential, but it can also be expensive. Save money by relying on our AC specialists. Our technicians provide all the services needed to make your air conditioner the most efficient system in your neighborhood. We employ the most up-to-date techniques to ensure that our customers have operating HVAC systems that won’t cost them a fortune to run. But more than that, our team commits to building trustful and lasting relationships with our clients and providing five-star experiences at every service appointment.

We provide air conditioner tune-ups, maintenance services, replacements, and AC repair Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are interested in improving the efficiency of your HVAC system, we also provide planned service agreements.

These regular maintenance agreements ensure an annual AC and furnace tune-up during the spring and/or fall. Our range of planned service agreements helps ensure that our customers receive the routine tune-up they need at the best time of year. 

If you enroll in this program, we will contact you to set your appointment. And since we keep a record of your equipment, we will bring all the proper equipment, filters, tools, or other necessary parts to the appointment!

If you have a furnace and air conditioner, we recommend a bi-annual service agreement with two services a year. Some of our customers even prefer that we visit three times a year in the spring, fall, and mid-winter. No matter which option you are interested in, we can customize your service agreement to accommodate your needs.

Regardless of the issue, we guarantee that our service will not only meet but even exceed your expectations.

To learn more about our air conditioning services, give us a call.

Contact Manwill to schedule your AC tune-up today.