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WiFi Thermostats

By October 25, 2013December 16th, 2020Manwill Plumbing, Heating, and AC News
Is a Wi-Fi thermostat right for you?
Wi-Fi thermostats have hit the market and selling like hot cakes. Before you purchase and install a Wi-Fi thermostat here’s a little more you should know and consider:
Do you really need to change the temperature while you’re away from home? A basic programmable thermostat can automatically change the temperature on a set schedule. A Wi-Fi thermostat has the programmable features plus allows you to manually override your temperature setting while you’re awayFor those snowbirds that head to the desert for the winter or for others that head out on vacations it’s nice to occasionally check your smart phone to make sure your home is warm and that your furnace is operating.  A little peace of mind. Some Wi-Fi stats will alert you if the indoor temperature drops below your setting, letting you know there may be a problem.
The Lennox Wi-Fi Comfortstat has a feature, if selected will contact not only you but will alert us there’s a problem. Wi-Fi thermostats will still work if the internet goes down. You cannot access the thermostat with your smart phone/device, but the thermostat will remain at the last setting and still operate your furnace/air conditioning system.
Not all thermostats are compatible with all furnace/air conditioning systems. Many heating and cooling systems today have a “communicating” control system which means each component, the thermostat, the furnace and the air conditioner all have circuit boards that communicate with one another. Installing the wrong thermostat on a “communicating” system could damage the printed circuit board which is a very costly repair.  Before purchasing and installing any new thermostat, Wi-Fi or not, contact us at Manwill Plbg & Htg to see if it’s compatible with your HVAC system.  801-262-4671
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