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Manwill Feel the Love Event

By January 22, 2020June 6th, 2023Manwill Plumbing, Heating, and AC News

Manwill participated in the yearly Feel the Love event from Lennox, for the second time, that identifies a family in need of a new HVAC system. Over the first weekend of October in 2019, Lennox dealers like Manwill installed over 300 home comfort units across the US and Canada. Lennox donates the unit while Manwill donates their time and manpower for installation, as well as any additional resources. For recipients of Feel the Love, a new home comfort system can be lifechanging.

“The event is all about people helping people, neighbors helping neighbors,” Tricia Kevern says. As the Office Manager at Manwill Plumbing and Heating, Tricia has helped run Feel the Love for both years Manwill has participated. “At the end of the day,” she says, “we are a business that’s taking care of people, so the opportunity to help these people who are giving back to the community is really special.” Each nomination for the Feel the Love event recognizes an unsung hero in the community — someone who may be going through a difficult time themselves, but still helping other people in need, or simply being a light in the neighborhood.

A few weeks before the event, Manwill goes to the recipient’s house to announce that the family has been selected to receive a brand-new home comfort system. The install team does all the measuring and a parts assessment beforehand so that the installation can be done as swiftly and simply as possible.

Manwill started participating in Feel the Love in 2018, the first year that the event was opened up to the western United States. The 2018 selected nominee was a military veteran in his 90s, a past Manwill customer. As someone who spent his time serving his family, community, and country, Jack Frost was selected to receive a new furnace for his home. Being able to provide the service for Jack was unforgettable for Manwill employees. “It was such a good experience that we decided to keep participating in the event,” Tricia says.

2019 Recipient

The 2019 recipient, Mandy McKean, was nominated for Feel the Love by one of her neighbors. Mandy is the mother of 3, and together with her husband they have 7 children, 1 grandchild, and another on the way. Her husband is disabled and unable to work, making Mandy the sole provider in their home. She works over 70 hours per week as a social worker while simultaneously pursuing her master’s degree to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Helping people overcome their family and personal problems psychologically, Mandy works tirelessly to better the lives of people around her. Last year, Mandy’s family went through many difficult health problems. These problems were only made worse when their HVAC system stopped functioning properly.

Partnered with Lennox, Manwill provided their family with a new high-efficiency furnace to keep them warm for years to come. Mandy was overjoyed to receive her new furnace, saying that it would make a great difference in their home. “You have no idea what this means to our family,” she said.

Plans for the Future

Manwill plans to continue participating in Feel the Love. Although the event takes place in the fall, the company starts calling for submissions on their social media in the early summertime so they can get as many nominations as possible. According to Tricia, anyone in the community who deserves some extra recognition for their service can be nominated to receive a new heating or cooling system.

Feel the Love doesn’t just happen in October. During their routine installs throughout the year, Manwill employees keep customers in mind who may be in need of a new HVAC system. A company who cares, Manwill is always looking for customers deserving of a Feel the Love nomination.

For Tricia, the best part of participating in the Feel the Love event is getting to know the recipients. Getting to know the people who mean so much to the community is meaningful for Manwill and its employees. “It’s a really heartwarming experience,” she says, “I have felt really privileged to be a part of it.” Manwill looks forward to helping more people throughout the community Feel the Love in the future. For more information about Manwill and the Feel the Love event, contact us today.