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Has Your Heating System Reached Retirement Age?

By September 11, 2013May 7th, 2019Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips


Unfortunately, older heating and air conditioning systems do not get better with time. In fact, it’s recommended to replace most heating and air conditioning systems every 15 to 20 years. That’s because heating and cooling systems have become, well… cooler, with significant advancements to save money and energy, and they are more environmentally friendly while improving comfort.

 The HVAC industry is experiencing rapid technological advancement and Federal Government mandated changes. Together, today’s equipment is more efficient and can provide better comfort.  New consumer features like wi-fi thermostats are answering what customers have been asking for. A list below explains many other changes

Energy efficiency. The purchase of a high efficiency system can help save up to 50% or more on energy bills. Options include hybrid systems, which operate much like a hybrid car, switching between gas and electric power for maximum efficiency. Solar integrated systems tap the sun’s free and renewable energy to reduce the electricity used by the heat pump or AC system.


Comfort. Some features contribute to energy efficiency and comfort simultaneously.  Newer systems can moderate temperature throughout the home more evenly. Homes with a multi-stage operation and variable speed blower technology use a “cruise control” type of system that can “accelerate” slightly to avoid temperature swings.


Replacement of R-22. R-22 is a refrigerant (also known by the brand name Freon®) and has been the most common refrigerant for more than four decades. Unfortunately, R-22 is also harmful to the environment and is therefore being phased out, causing the price to skyrocket. Service and repair of existing AC systems is becoming very costly. New systems now include R-410A refrigerant, a much more environmentally friendly alternative.


Less noise, better looks. No one likes the sound of the A/C running. Luckily, systems today are engineered to run almost silently. The design of the systems are also becoming more attractive. Furnaces have become smaller and more attractive. That big, clunky industrial machine in your home, has become a sleek, modern appliance.


High Tech. New systems can now be operated via WiFi so the system can be controlled with a smartphone, tablet or computer. They even give you guidance on how much energy you’re using every day.

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