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Keeping Your Sinks Nice and Shiny

By September 26, 2013May 7th, 2019Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips


Has your kitchen sink or bathroom basin lost its luster? Is the shine gone and you just can’t make it look shiny again? Unfortunately, if the top coat is scratched or worn off the shine will never come back. Your only alternative is to replace the fixture or have it refinished.


So how do you keep the shine on?


Whether it’s a porcelain or stainless steel sink I recommend AGAINST using a rough surface pad or cleaning solution with pumas. Avoid any cleaner or cleaning pad that can scratch the finish. Yes they may work and work quickly, but the damage they do to the finish is irreversible.


So how do you clean it?
Use a mild detergent. Something as simple as dish soap on a rag and a little elbow grease work well.  When finished cleaning it, wipe it dry with a towel to remove any remaining water. Leaving the sink wet will allow minerals to attach to the surface which are hard to remove once they dry.


To keep your faucets looking new, clean them the same way. Remember, no harsh detergents. In fact, most faucets only need to be wiped off and shined up with a dry towel.


My mother has used mild detergents for years. Her bathroom sinks and faucets still look nearly new. They were installed in 1961 and she replaced her kitchen sink in 1984 due to a kitchen remodel.


Make the change to mild detergents and a soft dry rag or towel and your plumbing fixtures will look great for years to come.