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How the missing Malaysian Jet encouraged me to recycle more

By May 6, 2014August 10th, 2020Manwill Plumbing, Heating, and AC News
EarthShiningThe words, “going green” “recycle” “earth friendly” and so many of the like seem to be everyday terms. For me, as much as I try to recycle and be “earth friendly”  I know I could be better. For example, at home I have one garbage can in the kitchen and one in each bathroom. In the garage is the Standard garbage bin plus the Recycle Bin. When garbage day comes the Recycle Bin has little garbage in it, while the Standard Bin has many items that should be recycled. Even though I see that, I’m still too lazy to pull them out of one garbage can and put in them in the other.

Now how does the Malaysian Jet fit into this?

While the authorities were searching for the jet, many times planes or ships were sent out to investigate huge masses of something showing up on satellite images. To this date, each time the planes or ships were sent out they found large piles of floating garbage instead of the anticipated plane. They labeled these piles “debris fields” to be politically correct. But the truth is they were huge floating piles of garbage: plastic water bottles, plastic milk jugs, floating garbage sacks, styro foam, plastic sheathing and so much more. It was OUR GARBAGE. Maybe not from my house, or maybe it was. Once the garbage truck stops by my house I have no idea where it goes.

Why should we clean up an recycle?

Now, thinking about these debris fields, and the fact they can be seen from outer space, from a satellite no less, indicates these fields are huge! It makes me wonder; how long have they been there? How fast are they growing? If this much is floating, how much have we dumped that’s sitting on the bottom of the ocean? If our generation doesn’t clean this up, how will future generation clean it up? I can only imagine the effort this would take. If we wait, it may be too late.

What can you do to recycle more?

So what can I do? My garbage can scenario changed. My Recycle Bin is full, my Standard Bin usually has tree limbs and garden debris in it. At work we sort and divide the metals from furnaces, air conditioners and faucets and we cash it in. With the proceeds we throw a summer party for our employees and their families. We use natural cleaners when we can and we schedule service calls in areas to reduce our driving.
So I encourage everyone everywhere to look at your own home and ask yourself “what can I do to recycle more?”

With just a little more effort on everyone’s part I’m sure we can make a difference.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the passengers and family members of the missing Malaysian Jet.