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How to Replace a Furnace Air Filter

By February 28, 2020July 20th, 2023Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips

A question the heating service and furnace repair professionals at Manwill frequently get asked is how to replace the furnace air filter. One mistake Utah residents commonly make is not changing their air filters regularly. Our air filter experts suggest replacing your furnace filters every month. However, depending on your air filter, you can sometimes go a bit longer, up to 6-12 months.

By changing out your furnace air filter regularly, you promote better air circulation throughout your home. It also keeps your furnace running as it should without getting it clogged. Without proper air filter maintenance, the debris can clog up and potentially harm your furnace and your family’s health. Bad air circulation could actually be the culprit behind your colds and flu during the winter season.

If you want to allow fresh air circulation in your home, here is a step-by-step video and guide for replacing your furnace air filter.

Tip #1: Use the Air Filter Arrows as Your Guide

Every air filter has arrows on the side of the filter, helping guide you with placement. You want the arrow on the filter pointing towards the furnace. You then slide it into the furnace or filter configuration using the arrows as your guide.

Tip #2: Turn the Power Off

Before changing the filter, make sure the furnace is off. Once you switch the power button to off, you can take out the old filter and place the new one.

Tip #3: Every Furnace is Different

Replacing your air filter varies depending on the type of furnace you have. Some heaters have a compartment for the filter separate from the central furnace, while others are built into the main furnace. Once you understand where your filter goes, you can slide the new furnace air filter in place, either sitting straight or sideways (depending on the furnace).

Tip #4: Regularly Replace Your Furnace Air Filter

One of the best things you can do is set a reminder on your phone or calendar to check your filters at the beginning of every month. Getting into that routine can save you from costly furnace repairs. Manwill technicians suggest getting into the habit of checking your filter every month.

If you need help replacing your furnace filter or have any questions, call the team at Manwill. We can take care of you in no time. Contact us to get started.