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Solve the Most Common AC Problems

Air Conditioning Problems

Are you having issues with your air conditioner? You aren’t alone. Homeowners from across the country have problems with their air conditioning systems regularly. However, working with a certified contractor can eliminate many of the most common ac problems facing homeowners today.

Before you call Manwill for help with your air conditioner, there are a few ways you can spot the source of your problem to help solve the issue faster. It will also help your technician clarify the problems with more explicit references when discussing your faulty air conditioning system.
Here is a list of the most common AC problems and what is causing the issue.

1. Making Loud Noises
If your air conditioner is making a strange noise or is being noisier than usual, there are a variety of reasons that could be behind the problem. Let’s start by narrowing it down. Below you will find the most common noises and its most likely cause.

Screaming Noises
If your air conditioner is making a high-pitched screaming sound, it is most likely a fault. AC units with a lousy compressor usually experience a high-pressure build-up that causes the compressor to scream. If this is happening, immediately turn off your air conditioner. A high-pressure build-up is extremely dangerous and should be addressed immediately by contacting one of our technicians.

Clanging, Banging or Knocking Noises
When your outdoor unit makes any of these noises, there is most likely an obstruction getting in the way of the fan. Another cause could be that the fan is loose. If this happens to your AC, get it fixed by one of our air conditioning contractors.

Bubbling or Gurgling Noise
If you hear a gurgling noise while your air conditioner runs, there is possibly an issue with your drain line or a leak in your AC unit. You may keep your air conditioner running but make sure that you contact us for further investigation into the problem.

Screeching Noise
When your air conditioner makes any screeching noise or any other loud noises, a faulty fan motor most likely causes it. Your outdoor AC unit has a fan that expels heat from the refrigerant component. If you are having problems with your air conditioner’s motor, you can continue using it but should get in touch with a Manwill contractor ASAP.

2. Leaking Water on or Around Furnace
As the weather warms up and you start kicking your air conditioner into full-gear, you might notice some water leakage. If you notice water leaking into your house while your AC system is running, there are a few things you should do:
– If your system drains by gravity, be sure the condensation is flowing freely to the outside. Also, check the drain line (especially the elbow) to notice if it is plugged with mold and slime.
– If your system uses a condensate pump, check to see if the pump is working correctly. If it has failed, that could be the cause of water backing up and overflowing the pan.
– Check to see if the large pan below the cold coil (called the condensate pan) is rotted and/or full of holes. This could be the cause of the water leakage.
– If any of these are the case, you must get help from our licensed air conditioning contractors. They can help you replace pans and unplug the condensate pump.

3. Outdoor Unit Not Coming on at All
If you notice your air conditioner won’t turn on there is most likely a problem with your circuit breaker. When this first happens, address the problem by resetting your breaker located on the circuit breaker panel. If you find that the AC unit still does not work, the next probable cause is the thermostat. A non-responsive thermostat will fail to communicate with the rest of the central air system. Your HVAC contractor can fix this for you.

4. Frozen or Has Ice on the Lines
A frozen coil often indicates an issue with the airflow, such as restrictions caused by dirty air filters or obstructed return air ductwork. Frozen indoor coils could also be the result of low refrigerant. No matter the source of the issue, the air conditioning experts at Manwill can help. Get in touch with us today for more information.

5. Blowing Warm Air Out of Vents
When your air conditioning system doesn’t feel cold, it usually has something to do with your control board or the refrigerant. In either case, you will need the help of a professional at Manwill to appropriately address the problem. Mainly to diagnose the problem correctly and as refrigerant is hazardous when not handled correctly. For your safety, contact our team to service your home’s cooling system.

6. No Air Coming Out of Vents
If you notice that there is no air coming out of the vents in your home, there are a few things that could be happening. If there is no air coming out of your vents, make sure the registers in that room are fully open and not blocked by furniture or any other obstruction. If the registers are free of any obstructions, another possibility is that something is blocking the register from the inside. Here are a few things you can do on your own before calling our HVAC contractors.

– Double-check your thermostat is switched to ‘cool.’
– Check the thermostat settings to ensure the unit is set to a cold temperature.
– Make sure the windows and doors are closed. Open windows and doors can significantly affect the efficiency of your cooling system.
– Clean or replace your air filters. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow and have a big impact on your AC’s abilities.

If none of this works or if you want to make sure that your cooling system is working correctly, contact the team at Manwill Plumbing and Heating. We can help you with all your home system needs. Get in touch with us today.