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Some of Life’s Lessons

Growing up my father taught me some important life skills. Like how to change a tire, how to the check the oil in my car, and even how to rebuild an engine. I took to driving right away; in fact I was told I could burn tires off of a car faster than most drivers.

I’ve changed a flat tire, I’ve changed the oil, and it wasn’t long before I learned a tough lesson about procrastination when I blew the engine in my first car. I thought the gauge would let me know when it was really necessary to check the oil; that was an expensive mistake on my part.
That’s when he taught me how to rebuild an engine.

So, after getting married and buying my first house I heard that my home heating and cooling system is much like a car, my first thought was, “Let me check the oil because I don’t want to repeat that mistake.” Of course, you don’t really change the oil in a furnace or air conditioner, but here is something you might not know: A regular tune up for your air conditioner is a very smart practice. In fact, it’s a routine that can keep your system running like you want your car to run: smoothly and efficiently.

In Utah we have extremes in temperatures. That’s why we recommend a bi-annual checkup (twice a year) — one at the start of the heating season to check your furnace, and again at the start of the cooling season for the air conditioner. Having a professional provide a tune up on your HVAC system can provide the following benefits:

  • Produce better temperature and humidity control in your home
  • Reduce the cost of heating and cooling in your home
  • Extend the life of existing equipment
  • Ensures your unit is clean so that it operates more efficiently

If you would like to have a professional technician perform a tune up on your air conditioner just give us a call at 801-262-4671 and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Also consider a Planned Service Agreement. No need to call us each spring and fall. We’ll contact you and set an appointment. Also, Service Agreement customers receive discounts on parts and receive priority service. So when the outdoor temperature is 100 degrees, we’re booked up several days, and your air conditioner breaks down, call us and state that you have a Planned Service Contract and we’ll make your repair a priority. No waiting for days.

For all your Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning needs, call us at 801-262-4671