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“To cover or not to cover”

“To cover or not to cover”
Your air conditioner of course!
 Winter is slowly but surely on its way.  Here in Utah we see an average of about 56.2 inches of snow in Salt Lake City (per snow season), which makes it seem like an obvious answer.  Not so…  Air conditioners are made to be outside.  It rains in the summer and a lot of them get sprayed by sprinkler systems too.  So air conditioners are perfectly okay sitting outside through the winter months.
We go through such extreme seasons in Utah that a lot a people winterize everything from patio furniture to sprinkler systems.  Preparing for winter is a lot of work.  The time we put into winterizing is to help keep our outdoor items looking nice for as long as possible.
Covering your air conditioner during the winter season is perfectly fine.   The primary purpose of covering an air conditioner is to keep it looking nice.  The main thing to consider is what type of cover to use.  We recommend a canvas cover.  If moisture does get under the cover, canvas breathes allowing the moisture to dry vs. a plastic cover that would trap the moisture in and potentially cause unpainted surfaces to rust. 
Also, its a good idea to turn the air conditioner breaker or service disconnect off.  This will prevent the A/C from being turned on while it is covered, preventing any mechanical damage to the unit.
Most of all, be sure to remove the cover and turn on the breaker on come spring time…
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