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Lennox Furnaces

SLP98V 98% fuel efficient, modulating burner, variable speed fan

Precise Comfort technology adjust the SLP98V’s output to respond to a different indoor and outdoor conditions. It can vary heat and air flow in increments as small as 1%, or larger as needed, to minimize temperature swings and provice consistent comfort. By comparison, a typical single stage furnace operates at full heating capacity every time it operates.

The SLP98V’s highly efficient variable capacity system ramps up to speed quietly, so there are no loud blasts of air at start-up or any other point of operation. Exclusive Silent Comfort technology and special sound absorbing materials protect your peace and quiet. Multi-port in-shot burners. Perfectly shape the flame cone for the maximum heat possible while using less fuel. No service adjustment necessary. Direct vent. 100% fresh air option reduces heat exchanger corrosion and ensures adequate combustion air. Secondary heat exchanger. Made of stainless steel to capture more of the heat you pay for. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

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EL296V 96% fuel efficient, two stage burner, variable speed fan

Controlling the flow of air throughout your home is the key to ideal comfort. That’s exactly what the EL296V, with its high efficient variable speed motor, is designed to do. It lets you experience an even higher level of comfort with two heating levels – first stage/low heat for mild days and second stage/ high heat for extremely cold days.

Self-diagnostic controls. Complete diagnostics for easy servicing. Also includes a system fault analysis for quick gas flow shutoff, coupled with automatic ignition retry after sensing a fault mode. Multi-port in-shot burners. With heating efficiencies of up to 96%, the EL296V can substantially reduce your annual utility bills. Among its energy saving features is a variable speed motor that uses about two-thirds less electricity than a standard blower motor. This variable speed motor also increases cooling performance and air conditioner operating cost efficiencies.

EL296E and EL195E Elite Series

EL296E  96% two stage and the EL195E 95% one stage efficient furnace

Greater comfort with lower energy costs. Unlike typical single stage furnaces, the EL296E has two levels of heat output, almost like two furnaces in one; a small furnace (low heat) for mild days, and a larger furnace (high heat) for extremely cold days. The result is a more comfortable home and lower utility bills.  The EL296E also includes a high efficient constant torque motor that can save up to 33% more than a standard motor.

EL195E Single stage 95% efficient furnace Designed for comfort and efficiency. A low speed, continuous fan option is a standout feature in the EL195E. It means you enjoy maximum comfort, less sound, and remarkable money saving efficiency.  The EL195E features a high efficient constant torque motor that will save up to 33% over a standard motor.  Both are Energy Star qualified.

SL280V 80% efficient, two stage heat, variable speed fan

What you don’t hear will amaze you. Lennox’ innovative Silent Comfort Technology combines advanced engineering and sound absorbing materials with variable speed operation to make the SL280V run smoothly and quietly. The SLP280V isn’t just quiet – it also offers an exceptional level of comfort. Its high efficiency variable speed motor and two stages of heat deliver a constant, gentle flow of warm air without overheating. And with an efficiency rating of 80% AFUE, you’ll take comfort in lower utility bills, too.


The ML180 furnace is designed to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Budget minded comfort, the ML180 delivers heat to your home with an increased efficiency over most older furnaces. The ML180 offers pilot-less ignition, self diagnostic control board and the performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from Lennox.

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