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7 Common Heating Problems and the Repairs Needed

By November 16, 2016May 7th, 2019Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips

7 Common Heating Problems and the Repairs Needed

Winter is upon us and if you haven’t already turned your heating system on, you may need to pretty soon. Our night temperatures are starting to drop and there is nothing worse than waking up freezing cold in the middle of the night.

What happens if you go to turn your system on and it is not working correctly or it is not working at all?

7 Common Causes for Heating Repair

When it comes to heating service or heating repair, there are common problems that arise. Having an idea of what these problems are and when you might need to seek the help of heating repair near me can help. Below is some information on the 7 common causes for heating repair alongside some tips to try and remedy these issues.

1. A Furnace That is Cycling On and Off

If your furnace is cycling on and off constantly this can not only be annoying, but it can also be extremely inefficient when it comes to your energy usage. The easiest place to check first when this is happening is your air filter. If your air filter is clogged it will need to be cleaned or replaced with a clean filter. If the air filter doesn’t stop the problem, your thermostat may not be working correctly and may need to be replaced.

Clogged Air Filter

Clogged Air Filter

2. No Air at All

If your furnace just won’t work at all, you will want to check the power first. Make sure the power hasn’t been tripped. If this isn’t the problem, there could be a few different things causing your furnace not to work at all. The motor may have blown, the pilot light might be out, or your thermostat may have given up the ghost. If your furnace is not working at all, you will need to call for heating service in West Valley City.

3. No Warm Air

DLSC SL280V FurnaceIf your furnace is blowing but it’s blowing cold, there could be a few problems. The first place to check is your thermostat, make sure the switch is set to heat, sometimes this can get knocked. Another issue that causes only cold air to come out of your vents is that your heating system has overheated. This can happen when your filter is blocked or dirty, change out the filter, let your system cool off for a couple of hours then turn your furnace back on. If you still have only cold hair blowing it may be time to call for gas heating repair.

If you have a gas furnace your pilot light may be out, this can also cause only cold air to blow. You will need to have the pilot light relight.

4. Cold and Hot Spots

If your home has cold and hot spots, it may be that your system can’t work effectively due to dirt and dust build up. If you have dirty coils and filters, this can cause your system to work inefficiently, this can cause these cold and hot spots. You may want to call for routine maintenance if it hasn’t been completed within the last year. Another problem that causes cold and hot spots can be a heating system that is coming to the end of its lifespan. To remedy the situation you may need to look at replacing your old system.

5. Rising Energy Bills

If you have noticed your energy costs skyrocketing for no good reason, it is likely your furnace is not working correctly. A system that has not been maintained may be dirty, this can block airflow making your furnace work harder just to keep your home comfortable. If your energy costs are rising in West Jordan, you may need heating repair.

6. Loud Noises

Loud noises

If your furnace starts banging, clanging or making crazy loud noises, there could be a few reasons. A screw, nut, bolt or piece of equipment could have come loose inside your vents. A dirty filter or filter placed into the furnace the wrong way can also cause loud banging noises. This usually occurs as you turn the system on and off. If your furnace starts to make unusual noises, it is best to have a heating expert check your system out as soon as possible.

7. The Fan or Blower Continuously Runs

If your fan never turns off and it is constantly running, you may need to check your thermostat settings. First check the fan settings, if it is switched to continuous, switching this back should stop the constant fan noises. If this doesn’t work, there could be a problem with the fan limit switch, if this is the case, you will need heating repair services to repair or replace the switch.

What to Do When You Need Heating Repair

If you are having one of the above problems and you have tried to remedy the issue without any positive results, you may need heating service. Whether it is gas heating repair or furnace repair, the team at Manwill can help.

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