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Rebates Are Back


Rebates . . . . .  are they for real? or do companies mark up the price just to artificially discount the price to the customer?

As a consumer myself I also question at times if a rebate is for real. Recently I purchased a vehicle and the dealer had me sign a paper allowing the dealer to credit the rebate amount to the sales price and in turn the manufacture will credit the dealer. Sounds legitimate, but is it?  Or did they just mark up the price, say I was getting a rebate, discount the price, then have me sign a paper saying any rebate goes back to the dealer. And since I’m a skeptic, was there really a rebate or just a way to show and advertise a discount? I don’t know, but what I can tell you is how rebates work in our industry and how to tell if it’s on the up and up.

What to Look for

Most manufactures have a marketing campaign in which the rebate is mentioned. Check their website. For example, and see if they have any rebates.

Another indication is if more than one local dealer offers the same rebate. Good indication it’s legitimate.

Be cautious when one dealer offers a better or higher rebate offer than the others. If this happens, ask for a copy of the manufacture’s rebate offering. The dealer should be able to provide a bulletin from the manufacture that shows the amounts and for what products.

Also watch out for the fine print. At Manwill Plbg & Htg if you choose a furnace or air conditioner and we say you’ll get a rebate we guarantee you’ll receive that amount. If you receive anything less, we pay the difference. On the other hand, some company’s fine print will state they are not responsible for third party rebates. In other words, if you don’t receive what they offer, they’re not responsible.

Who’s responsible to file for the rebate? It’s the consumer’s responsibility, but at Manwill Plbg & Htg we file the rebates for you. Sometimes the forms are long and confusing, but since we deal with it every day, we do the paperwork.

How long does it take to receive your rebate check? In most cases we’ve seen six to eight weeks. If we offer a rebate and you don’t see a check within eight weeks, contact us. We’ll contact either the manufacture or the utility company and find out the rebate status.

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