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Tax Credits and Manufacturer Rebates for HVAC and Plumbing in Your Home

homeowners can save money on HVAC and plumbing services Problems in your household can come out of nowhere—a furnace or air conditioner suddenly stops working or a water pipe bursts in your home. Not every homeowner has an emergency fund saved up for these unfortunate mishaps. However, there are programs in place that can help you save some money when you purchase a new HVAC system or water heater.

Not many homeowners realize what is available to them. Whether it is understanding residential manufacture rebates and/or tax credits, getting in-depth information about federal incentive programs and learning the benefits of a new energy system can help you when it comes time for a new or replacement HVAC purchase.

Arranged at a federal or state level, tax rebates, credits, and incentives are put in place to encourage homeowners to make better environmentally-friendly choices regarding their energy use.

However, most equipment that is energy-efficient comes with a higher price tag upfront. These programs help homeowners make the energy-efficient choice by proving it is a win-win situation, no matter when you buy. Not only will it reduce energy costs over time, but you’ll save money too, thanks to lower consumption costs and these incentive programs.

Despite the appeal of receiving such credits, many homeowners still don’t know that these programs exist. Take advantage of your home’s systems by understanding all the incentives you can currently receive when installing a new HVAC or plumbing system.

Next time you need a new furnace, air conditioner or water heater, here is a step-by-step guide of what resources you can check to learn about the available rebates or tax credits available, depending on the appliance you select. You can also check to see if your existing HVAC system qualifies for a tax exemption.

Step 1: Check the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

The first website you should use when looking for credit and rebate information is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency at This resource gives you a full breakdown of available incentives by state. You will need to select your state. You will then receive an updated list of all the policies and incentives currently available.

You can also filter the list according to the date they were issued, category, and incentive type. Once you select your policy, the website will outline all the details of the program and technicalities available to you, including a breakdown of the potential savings you can receive if you qualify.

There will also be a list of other resources and contact information you can use if needed. This database is an excellent starting point for you to explore all the state programs in one place for home appliances and energy systems.

Step 2: Use to Understand Federal Credits is another fantastic resource. It also provides federal rebate and tax exemption information, unlike the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. You can find all the information you need to understand the tax credits and savings that are available when purchasing high-efficiency equipment by perusing the savings section of the website.

One of the major benefits of the website is that it is easy to use. You can filter your search results by eligibility and category type or narrow down information by searching keywords like HVAC, furnace, or plumbing. Using these options, you can find credits related to the use of energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Once you find a credit that applies to your new system, the website will offer you a detailed and informative summary and external links to your state’s website for further information.

Step 3: Double-Check Available HVAC Credits at Energy Star

Energy Star is one of the go-to websites available for homeowners looking for an energy-efficient system. Created in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this government program is the standard for energy-efficient products produced in the U.S., including heating and cooling systems. In fact, many HVAC systems that meet their standards carry the Energy Star symbol.

You can check their website to find all the current federal income tax credits available for using an energy efficiency-approved system, along with relevant information, like the dollar amount or percentage of the credit, the credit’s expiration date, and how to apply for a rebate.

Step 4: Look at the Brand’s Website

As you narrow down your choices for your new HVAC or plumbing system, look at the specific brand’s website. Their website is the most direct source you can find

regarding the information on available rebates. Even if you don’t qualify for a rebate from the federal government, you can check with the brand to learn more about potential rebates directly from the manufacturer. Whichever brand you choose for your new home system, make sure you look at the brand website to learn more about potential rebates.

Step 5: Receive a Quote from Manwill

Working with Manwill, you can receive a detailed bid on the manufacturer equipment with manufacturer rebate options and current tax credit quotes. Based on your location and preferred home system, our team will assist you in choosing the best system to fit your home and lifestyle.

Our technicians are dedicated to building a trustful and lasting relationship with each and every customer, which is why we care about your bottom line. No matter which system you need, plumbing or HVAC, we promise our service will meet and exceed your expectations. Together, we can find the equipment that offers the best savings, efficiency, and performance for your budget.

Contact Manwill today to learn more about how you can save money with your new plumbing or HVAC installation.