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Summer Cleaning Tips that Will Improve Your Health

Maintaining your health is an important topic of conversation on the top of everyone’s minds right now. This year has put a significant emphasis on keeping our body’s healthy and strong. As we continue fighting for robust immune systems and practicing the guidelines set by health organizations, let’s continue learning ways to do better.

One area that many people don’t consider is the role cleanliness plays in the home. When is the last time you performed a deep cleaning of your home? Have you checked in on your home systems lately, including the HVAC and plumbing? Do you understand the impact these systems have on your family’s health? This summer, let’s make health a priority in your home.

The Manwill technicians put together a few tips to help you kick-off your summer cleaning project. Knowing the implications of these systems and what you can do to protect your family better will help you make decisions as you clean your home. Here are a few areas that will make you healthier, wealthier, and wise all year long.

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Healthy

Throughout the years, your home collects debris, allergens, and bacteria. Giving your home a good scrub will help remove these harmful particles, which will improve your health in a variety of ways. Here’s where you can start.

1. Clean Your HVAC Air Ducts

Your home’s air system directly impacts the air you breathe. Cleaning your HVAC system and accompanying air ducts will help eliminate the spread of dust, allergens, mold, and bacteria throughout the home. Over time debris can get stuck in your ductwork and eventually block the air from reaching areas where it is needed in the home.

Check your air ducts for any signs of dust, damage and debris. You can usually spot which air vents need cleaning, replacing, or a wipe down. If it has been a few years since your HVAC system received professional treatment, you can have a technician perform a cleaning service. These maintenance services can also help keep money in your pockets.

Some research suggests that cleaning HVAC components, including cooling coils, fans, and heat exchangers, can improve the efficiency of your system. These studies conclude that cleaning your HVAC system can extend its operating life and decrease energy and maintenance cost savings.

Overall, cleaning your air vents and HVAC system is good for your health. Regular maintenance will ensure that your home’s heating and cooling system will perform efficiently throughout every season.

2. Check Your Water Pipes

Another system of your home that needs a check this summer is your water pipes. As the snow melts and the sun begins heating up, your water pipes start revealing the damage that occurred over the past few months. Left unchecked, any leaking or busted water pipes will incur even greater damage over time. You might even begin noticing wet areas and black mold popping up in spaces around your home.

The plumbers at Manwill suggest checking any sections of your home were visible water and drain pipes are, especially those within external walls, if possible. Try to spot any evidence of leaking or mold. Including your shower, sink, dishwasher, or washer. You can also contact our team to schedule a plumbing inspection appointment with our plumbers. Our plumbing professionals will look at your entire system, ensuring that it is working sufficiently.

3. Correctly Store Your Humidifier

Many homeowners in Utah use a humidifier during the winter months and store it when the outdoor temperatures rise. Before you put yours in storage, make sure to clean it thoroughly. If you leave these systems uncleaned, they will breed bacteria, germs, and other serious health hazards.

While it won’t matter while the humidifier is in storage, once you start it up again, it can cause serious adverse effects to your family’s health. Our team suggests properly cleaning your humidifier and replacing the water panel now before the fall rush comes. Then, you will feel all the better knowing your family will be in good hands come next winter.

4. Have a Technician Perform Annual Maintenance Service

These air conditioner and furnace check-ups act as a preventative measure, confirming that your air conditioner is running correctly throughout the summer without any breakdowns. It also ensures that the HVAC system will do its part in keeping your home and family healthy.

During the maintenance service, a Manwill a/c professional will check for any underlying issues that could cause problems over time. They will then address these issues before they start having adverse effects on your health and the integrity of your HVAC unit.

Along with maintenance service positively influencing your health, it will also extend the HVAC system’s lifespan. The average life of an air conditioner is 16-18 years, but regular maintenance can keep your air conditioner operating at its best for much longer, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars over time. Our technicians suggest that you schedule a routine HVAC maintenance service once a year, and summertime might be the perfect time to start.

5. Replace Your Batteries

The final item you should add to your summer cleaning to-do list is replacing the batteries in all of your battery-run home systems. The systems that this concept mostly applies to are your smoke and CO detectors.

While many of these detectors alert you when the batteries are running low, these fail-safes don’t always work. That is why our professionals recommend replacing your batteries at the start of a new season. Doing so will help your family stay protected from CO poisoning and alert you if any smoke accumulates in the home.

Need help improving your home’s health? Count on Manwill

Your home systems directly impact the health of your family and guests. These systems are essential to keeping your family safe, protected, and healthy, but they are also expensive. Save money by working with the technicians at Manwill Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling. Our service technicians provide all the services needed to keep your home up-and-running all year long. But more than that, we are dedicated to building trustful and lasting relationships with homeowners throughout Utah.

No matter the problem, we promise our service will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn more about our plumbing and AC repair in Salt Lake today.