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Do You Need a Water Softener?

By September 10, 2020June 6th, 2023Plumbing Maintenance & Repair Tips


Utah Water Softener Plumbing System Hard water is a found throughout Utah. Unfortunately, not every homeowner notices when they need a water softener installed into their plumbing system.  There may be indicators the you need to stop the hard water problem in its tracks. If you find water stains in your sinks, smelly water, your skin starts itching or you are needing extra lotion, you might have a problem with hard water. Although there are several water conditioner options, hard water has an easy fix—water softeners.

Water softeners have many benefits. It can increase your plumbing system’s lifespan, reduce your monthly water bill costs, and has numerous health benefits for your skin. But, what makes water softening systems tick? Let’s discuss.

How Water Softeners Work

In essence, water softening systems work by removing any extra calcium, iron, and magnesium out of the water supply by exchanging it with sodium or potassium. This exchange of ions allows the system to regenerate by flushing out any excess ions that would harm your water supply.

Although the process seems simple, you will need a professional’s opinion on how much softened water you need to add to your plumbing. Our plumbers will determine your water hardness first and then install a water softening system that properly accounts for excess calcium or magnesium buildup. Once everything is put into place, you can expect your entire plumbing system to benefit from soft water, as well as all benefits mentioned earlier.

If you are curious whether you need a water softening system installed, see if you can relate to any of the questions below. If so, call the plumbing professionals at Manwill.

Do I Need a Water Softener?

You Notice Scale Buildup On or Around Your Appliances

One of the most prominent symptoms of hard water is scale buildup. Scale is a hard, chalky substance that includes magnesium, calcium, or bicarbonate. These minerals form a collection of buildups that water softeners can help reduce. Hard water causes these mineral deposits to form on everything from coffee pots to bathroom sinks and faucets and more.

These buildups are actually causing more damage than you might realize, as it makes it harder for water to pass through your plumbing system easily. If you begin noticing scale around your appliances, it could be time to add a water softener to your water supply.

The Air in Your Home is Dry

Another sign that you have hard water is that the air in your home seems unusually dry. Hard water causes dry skin and hair thanks to its excessive amount of mineral deposits. These minerals get trapped in the air, drying it out. It also impacts your skin when you shower, wash your hands, or come into contact with your home’s water supply. It can even leave a residue on your skin that irritates it and makes it more rough than normal.

Over time, your skin will become leathery and dry. If hard water can do this to your skin, imagine its damage on your pipes, dishes, and other items it touches.

Your Clothes Start Fading

You might also notice that the more you wash your clothes or bedding, the more faded they become. While this is a normal process, hard water ramps things up, thanks to the harsh minerals. One way you can reduce this process is by installing a water softener. You can also switch out your top-loader for a front-loading washing machine.

Another thing you might consider is using a liquid water softening detergent or adding vinegar to your machine’s fabric softening compartment. However, the best thing you can do to maintain your clothes’ integrity is installing a water softening system directly into your home’s plumbing.

You See Stains Around Your Sinks, Showers, and Bathtubs

Any stains surrounding your main water appliances are a sign of hard water. These stains form as tap water evaporates and leave traces of the calcium and magnesium minerals. Luckily, there are remedies of ridding your home of any hard water stains. But the first thing you should focus on is getting rid of the root of your problem. A potassium chloride or sodium chloride water softener will effectively remove the stains and keep them gone for good. Contact Manwill’s Utah plumbers to learn more about our water softener systems.

Your Water Bill is High

The amount of water your family uses should amount to a fairly similar cost every month. If you are noticing a sudden spike, you might have hard water. You can check with your local utility company to see where your water lands on the hardness scale or contact our professionals to perform a sample analysis. If your water is at a higher level of hardness, you will need a water softener added to your plumbing system, which will help decrease your monthly water bill.

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